Renegade's Pub

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Locally Sourced × Crafted with passion


Located in East Boston, Renegade's Pub is a place where you can come get a drink, grab a bite and catch a game.



A new bar in East Boston with local craft beer, 30 different whiskeys, artisan cocktails and a pub-style menu.  Renegade's Pub rotates through beers produced within 250 miles plus an additional 35 bottles and cans.   A great local establishment to enjoy an extensive beer selection, best burgers in town and catch a game.






1004 Bennington St.

East Boston MA 02128



M-F 11a-1a
Sa-Su 12p-1a




1.)                 Amstel Light Bottle, Light Lager, Netherlands, 4.10%, $6.00 12oz.

2.)                 Bud Light Bottle, Light Lager, Missouri 4.20%, $5.00 12oz.

3.)                 Corona Bottle, American Adjunct Lager, Mexico 4.60%, $6.00 12oz.

4.)                 Corona Light Bottle, Light Lager, Mexico, 4.10% 12oz.

5.)                 Miller Lite Bottle, Light Pilsner, Wisconsin, 4.17% $5.00 12oz.

6.)                 Kaliber Bottle, Non-alcoholic, Ireland, .50%, $5.00 12oz.

7.)                 Miller High Life Pony Bottle, American Adjunct Lager, Wisconsin, 4.60%, $2.00 7oz.

8.)                 Miller High Life Pony Bucket (5), $9.00

9.)                 Coors Light Bottle, Light Lager, Colorado, 4.2%, $5.00 12oz.

10.)              Bavik Wittekerke Wild Can, American Wild Ale, Belgium, 5.0%, $11.35 16oz.

11.)              Downeast Cider Can, Hard Cider, Massachusetts, 5.10%, $7.00 12oz.

12.)              Narragansett Del’s Can, Shandy, Rhode Island, 5.0%, $7.00 16oz.

13.)              White Birch Berliner Weisse Can, Berliner Weissbier, New Hampshire, 5.50%, $6.00 12oz.

14.)              Evil Twin Sanguinem Aurantiaco Can, American Wild Ale, New York, 3.50%, $6.00 12oz.

15.)              Off Color Apex Predator Bottle, Saison/Farmhouse Ale, Illinois, 6.50%, $11.00 12oz.

16.)              Jack’s Abby Smoke and Dagger Can, Rauchbier, Massachusetts, 5.60%, $6.00 12oz.

17.)              New Belgium Dayblazer Can, Colorado, American Blonde Ale, 4.80%, $5.00 12oz.

18.)              Stillwater Extra Dry Can, Saison/Farmhouse Ale, Maryland, 4.20%, $10.00 16oz.

19.)              New Belgium Fat Tire Bottle, American Amber, Colorado, 5.20%, $6.00 12oz.

20.)              Lord Hobo Boom Sauce Can, Imperial IPA, Massachusetts, 8.0%, $13.00 16oz.

21.)              Notch Session Pils Can, Czech Pilsner, Massachusetts, 4.0%, $6.00 12oz.

22.)              Bavik Super Pils Can, Pilsener, Belgium, 5.20%, $7.00 12oz.

23.)              Evil Twin Simcoe Slacker Can, Imperial IPA, New York, 7.50%, $9.00 16oz.

24.)              Newburyport Plum Island Can, Witbier, Massachusetts, 5.40%, $6.00 12oz.

25.)              Schlitz Can, Pale Lager, California, 4.70%, $4.00 12oz.

26.)              La Fin Du Monde Bottle, Abbey Tripel, Canada, 9.0%, $12.00 12oz.

27.)              Left Hand Milk Stout Bottle, Sweet Stout, Canada, 6.0%, $7.00 12oz.

28.)              BBC Steel Rail Can, American Pale Ale, Massachusetts, 5.30%, $6.00 12oz.

29.)              Founders All Day Can, Session IPA, Michigan, 4.70%, $6.00 12oz.

30.)              Founders Baltic Porter Bottle, Baltic Porter, Michigan, 5.90%, $7.00 12oz.

31.)              Green Flash West Coast IPA Bottle, Imperial IPA, California, 8.10%, $10.00 12oz.

32.)              Wolffer Estate Cider Rose Bottle, Dry Rose Cider, New York, 6.90%, $13.00 12oz.

33.)              Bent Water Thunder Funk Can, India Pale Ale, Massachusetts, 7.20%, $7.00 12oz.

34.)              Bent Water Lynn Light Can, American Pale Ale, Massachusetts, 4.80%, $7.00 12oz.


Cocktails & Wine


Drax Hall $11 Plantation Pineapple Rum Papa’s Pilar Rum, Orange Curacao Lime, Simple, egg white Room to Grow

Your Girlfriend’s Cocktail $11 Svedka Vodka, Pineapple, Sweetness, Tolerance

The Hinny $11 Copper & King’s Brandy, Lime, Ginger Beer

Your Boyfriend’s Attitude $11 Rittenhouse Rye, Benedictine, Triple Sec, Lemon, Simple, Silent Treatment

Daphne Henderson $13 Clement Barrel Age Select Rhum, Damoiseau Overproof Rum, 5 Spice Syrup, Pineapple, Coco Lopez,A Much Needed Painkiller

Swizzle In $11 Plantation Dark Rum, Chairman’s Rum, Lime, Guava, Orange, Falernum, Yellow Chartreuse, Angostura, Swagger Out

Samba Red Sangria $10 Copper & King’s Brandy, Samba Red, Fruit

Samba White Sangria $10 Copper & King’s Brandy, Samba White, Fruit

Quint $13 Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila, Clement Shrubb, Lime, Lemon, Simple, Pequod

Poz’s Rickey $11 Aviation Gin, Lime, Raspberry Simple, Soda, Party Time

Barrel Aged Negroni $12 Aviation Gin, Rinomato, Antica Carpano

Masi Rosatto $12/$35

Bollini Pinot Grigio $8/$25

Satellite Sauvignon Blanc $8/$25

Hangtime Chardonnay $9/$26

Julia James Pinot Noir $9/$26

Zuccardi Series A Malbec $9/$26

Trim Cabernet $9/$26


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